Nada Ćujić, Svetlana Ibrić, Dubravka Bigović, Nebojša Noveski, Katarina Šavikin



Nowdays, the use of products based on medicinal herbs (phytopreparates) are in scientific focus, both in prevention or in treatment of various diseases. Herbal products have been recognized as an excellent source of bioactive compounds which have positive effects on human health. Beside teas, as standard herbal products, phytopreparations are much more represented as final pharmaceutical form on the market today. Phytopreparations must satisfy standard quality, which means that they must be physically, chemically and microbiological stable and have a high degree of purity. In order to determine the stability, storage conditions, shelf- life of the products, stability tests are conducted, which involving tests of environmental factors influence: temperature, relative humidity, light. Stability tests are performed at different stages of development and production. In accordance with the EMEA (European Agency for Drugs and Medical Devices) for a variety of herbal preparations different specific stability tests are conducted.


stability; herbal medicine; phytopreparation; plant extract

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