Double emulsions (W/O/W emulsions): Encapsulation of Plant Biactives

Jelena Mudrić, Katarina Šavikin, Svetlana Ibrić, Jelena Đuriš



This article describes the preparation, characterization, and application of W/O/W emulsions, with emphasis on the encapsulation of plant bioactives. The main limitations preventing commercialization of double emulsions with plant bioactive substances, used for the preparation of food, nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals for oral administration, are low thermodynamic stability and the limited range of the available lipophilic emulsifiers. In that regard, strategies for stability improvement of W/O/W emulsions with bioactive substances are highlighted.


double emulsions, plant bioactives encapsulation, multiple emulsions, target delivery, sustained delivery systems

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