Dragana Četojević-Simin, Ivana Beara, Nataša Simin



The goal of this work was to introduce the parameter for the precise evaluation of in vitroanti-tumor activity of Plantago altissima, P. lanceolata, P. reniformis, Allium flavum, A. cepa, Tuber aestivum i T. magnatumextracts.For the evaluation of the cell growth human tumor cell lines HeLa, MCF7 and HT-29 were used, as well as cell line derived from the healthy tissue (MRC-5). The cell growth was evaluated using colorimetric sulforhodamine B (SRB) assay.NT/T IC50 parameter gives precise information on the in vitro anti-tumor efficiency of evaluated extracts. The highest efficiency was achieved using water extracts of black and white truffle towards breast adenocarcinoma , reaching extremely high NT/T values (NT/T=200-500). The efficiency of several methanolic extracts of truffles was high (NT/T=21,33-70): while the efficiency of all Plantago sp.extracts was moderate (NT/T=3,24-4,27) towards breast adenocarcinoda and cervix carcinoma. The least efficient were extracts of aerial parts of A. flavum that have been more cytotoxic towards healthy cells than to colon adenocarcinoma (NT/T=0,23) and cervix carcinoma (NT/T=0,75).Extremely high NT/T valus that were obtained using water extracts of black and white truffle recommend their use in the anti-tumor therapy and suggest their use in health prevention and in the production of nutraceuticals and food supplements.


Anti-tumor acitivity; in vitro; natural products; Plantago sp.; Allium sp.; Tuber sp.

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