Radosav Jevđović, Goran Todorović, Vladimir Filipović, Miroslav Kostić, Jasmina Marković, Snežana Dimitrijević


The aim of the study was to demonstrate how seed size and temperature regimes on seed quality affect the germination rate and total germination of quinoa. The energy and total germination quinoa variety KVL-37 have been investigated. Following the harvest, the seeds were dried and processed, and then the sample of seeds was separated for testing the quality. The sample was divided into two parts; one part is divided into two fractions of size 1.2 mm and 0.8 mm, while the second part of the seeds sample is fractionated and it served as a standard. Germination was carried out in the laboratory on the filter paper in Petri dishes. Three variations of temperature regimes were tested: T1 = 5/15 °C altering on each 12 hours, T2 = 10/20 °C altering on each 12 hours, and T3 = 20°C constantly. Resultes showed that the highest seed germination energy and total germination had seed fraction of 1.2 mm size. Smaller seeds of 0.8 mm size had the lowest seed germination energy and total germination. Applipaction of temperature regime T2, with altering temperatures (10 °C and 20 °C on evry 12 hours), possessed significantly higher values for seed germination enery and total germinationin comparison to T1 temperature regimes (5/15 °C altering on each 12 h) and T3 (constant 20°C).


quinoa; vigor; germination; seed fraction; temperature

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