Polyphenols Extraction From Plant Sources

Aleksandra Jovanović, Predrag Petrović, Verica Đorđević, Gordana Zdunić, Katarina Šavikin, Branko Bugarski

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5937/leksir1737045J


Various conventional (maceration and heat-assisted extraction) and new alternative techniques (ultrasound-assisted extraction and microwave-assisted extraction) have been developed for the extraction of polyphenols compounds from different plant sources. Novel procedures have established with the aim to reduce the extraction time and solvent consumption, as well as to increase polyphenols yield and to improve extract quality. A critical review was conducted to introduce and compare traditional and modern procedures applied for extraction of bioactive polyphenols compounds. This review focuses on the different techniques of polyphenols extraction, discussing their operating conditions, mechanism, choice of particle size and solvent, solid-to-solvent ratio, extraction time, advantages/disadvantages and effectiveness. Finally, potential application of those extraction procedures in polyphenols isolation is reviewed.


extraction; polyphenols; particle size; solvents; solid-to-solvent ratio; time

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